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Miles Boykin is emerging as a star in Training Camp thus far, to a point where Baltimore Ravens fans are beginning to think about Pro Bowl potential.
For years, the Baltimore Ravens haves swung and missed on wide receivers. This isn’t just to include the first round, either. Sure, Breshad Perriman still haunts my nightmares, but guys like Tandon Doss and Tommy Streeter keep me up at night as well. But, Miles Boykin appears to be changing that trend headed into 2019.

So far through Training Camp, Miles Boykin appears to be the most impressive player on either side of the ball. Boykin is “mossing” defenders so far, demonstrating awesome body control as well as catching the ball with ease.

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While we haven’t had a chance to see Marquise Brown’s potential yet, Boykin is making fans forget that Brown is banged up currently.

Is this an overreaction to Training Camp highlights? Absolutely! But, it’s still incredibly impressive to see what he’s doing in Training Camp thus far:

Lamar Jackson to rookie Miles Boykin in Friday’s practice

— Jamison Hensley (@jamisonhensley) July 26, 2019

Not only this, but Boykin’s own teammate Willie Snead he reminds him of Pro Bowl wide receiver Michael Thomas. Considering Snead spent time with Thomas during his time with the New Orleans Saints, it’s quite the compliment from someone with personal experience.

For some, this may not come as the biggest surprise. While at Notre Dame, Miles Boykin was putting up big numbers with inconsistent, and at times flat out bad, quarterback play. Boykin notched 1,125 receiving yards between 2017 and 2018 to go along with 10 touchdowns and 15.8 YPR. The term “play-maker” is an easy one to associate with Miles Boykin.

Thus far, it appears that those same skills will translate to the NFL level. It’s absolutely too soon to tell whether or not it will stick, but you have to be excited with what we’ve seen so far. Ravens Flock hasn’t seen a dominant receiver like Miles Boykin since… well, ever. So, you’ll have to excuse me and others for getting pretty excited.

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The important thing to remember right now is to temper our expectations. Miles Boykin is certainly playing like a Pro Bowl receiver, but those expectations aren’t fair to place on a third round rookie. But, with what Boykin is showing off in Training Camp, we’re certainly hoping it translates in preseason games and eventually the regular season.

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